Private Instruction

Why Private Instruction?

Private yoga instruction has many benefits.

For those looking to expand their practice, it’s an opportunity to receive personalized guidance on alignment, philosophy and modifications. Wherever your interests and needs lie, get answers to the questions you’ve been curious about but never dared ask. Make a breakthrough on a sequence you’ve been exploring, or simply take time to study with, and be inspired by one of our knowledgeable teachers!

For those working with physical challenges or treating injuries, private yoga instruction can complement other wellness treatments. With the guidance of an experienced teacher you can safely explore therapeutic postures to help speed your healing & recovery.

Privates are also a great way as a developing teachers to receive thorough feedback on your instruction. Try one of our private feedback sessions to get a solid assessment and set a plan to grow further in your instruction or your asana practice.

Kula’s Private Classes

Sweet, Aligned Flow

60 minutes in which your teacher guides you to the rhythm of your own breath. Let yourself be sweetly introduced to a new awareness and refinements of principles of alignment through tailored verbal instructions and hands-on adjustments. Best for those with some yoga experience. $125 +hst

Yoga Therapy

A gentle practice focused on healing and integration with yoga therapeutics, this 60 minute practice will allow the teacher to assess your specific needs, and tailor a program that can speed and enhance your recovery…and perhaps even bring you to new levels of health and wholeness! Minimum 3 sessions, with a 30 minute consultation prior to first visit. $375 +hst

Yoga Geek

Want to get into those backbends, hip-openers or arm-balances with greater ease, elegance and understanding? Then this 60-minute class is the one for you. Study with your favourite teacher to get down to nuts and bolts on the alignment behind the poses you love most…or those you find most challenging and insurmountable! We will get you on your way, with an open heart and mind. $125 +hst

Take-out Yoga (or Takeaway Yoga)

Have you longed for a home practice but never known where to start? Let one of our teachers personalize an hour-long sequence just for you, and help you implement it in a sustainable, realistic schedule that suits your lifestyle. In addition to a tailored program that can best serve your needs, our teacher will give you helpful hints and guidance in creating a sacred space and environment for your home practice. $175 +hst

Personal Packages

Let us know what you need and let us help you create your own private class/session. Sixty minutes and up. Starts at $125 +hst.



Corporate Package

Want to infuse your workplace with some serious Kula heart qualities? Have one of our instructors come to your office, and share some of the beauty, uniqueness and challenge that we offer up in each Kula class. Rates vary.

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